By: Wayne Pond

In The Begining
Chapter  1

Hello, my name is Angel, I'm a two year old white Angora cat. I have a wonderful family that I'm very happy to be a part of.  There's Momma Barb, Daddy Jake and my dear Traveller, whom you surely know.

I don't remember much of my kittenhood. It always seemed that I was cold and hungry and I don't really remember alot of my own mother; except I know she loved me. One day she just didn't come back and I was alone for a long time. Life is very hard for a young kitten all alone and many times I was so lonely and afraid.

Then one day when I was shivering and wet my life was changed forever. "Hello", said a gentle voice, "are you alright"? I looked up into a grey face with the most beautiful amber eyes. It was my Traveller, although he didn't get that name until later. Something about him just made me trust him and before I knew it I was telling him how unhappy I was. "I'll be right back, don't leave", he said and in a few minutes he was back with food. "Eat this please", he told me, "I have a place nearby where I can get more. When you've eaten I'll take you to a place where you can be warm." I'm afraid I wasn't very ladylike as I gulped it down but I was soooo hungry. "Now come along", he whispered, "you need shelter". He led me along and stayed close beside me even though I couldn't go very fast because I was weak from not eating. He led me through a hole in the wall of a building and into a snug corner where he had a comfy nest. "Rest now", he mewed, "I'll stay right here with you and watch." With that I curled down and snuggled in. He sat beside me and gently smoothed my fur with his tongue. It felt sooo good, I'd not been groomed since my mommy. As he worked a throaty purr bubbled up within me and I drifted off to sleep happier than I've ever been.

The next morning I woke with him lying beside me and more delicious food at my bedside. I looked at him and asked, "For me?" He smiled and slowly blinked those wonderful eyes. "Of course", he purred, "I have human friends at a place where other humans gather to eat. They leave tasty bits every day. I'll take you there when you're stronger."

As I washed my paws and face he looked at me very seriously. "You know, you're really very young to be out on your own. If you would like to we could sort of team up. You could stay here with me and we could kind of look out for each other. This can be a dangerous nieghborhood for a cat alone and it sure would be nice to have someone to talk to." I looked up at him, such a handsome tom, all grey and sleek with a beautiful white patch on his throat and sparkling white paws. "Do you really want me to stay?", I asked softly. "Oh yes, I..I..I sometimes get very lonely here and it would be very nice to have you here. I mean, if you wouldn't mind? You can trust me, really you can, and... would you? Please?" He ducked his grey head down and his whiskers drooped; a single kitty tear dropped on the ground.

"I'd like that very much", I whispered and put my paw on his. He looked deeply into my eyes and touched me with his nose. "Thank you", he purred. We snuggled down together and I've never felt safer.

Chapter  2

As the days passed I regained my strength bit by bit until I could venture out with him. All through this time he stayed close and watched over me. It was so wonderful to have him there. In my heart of hearts I loved him so deeply and began calling him My Grey. He smiled when I called him that; "My Angel", he purred and kissed my ear. Oh how happy I was.

Then one day I was strong enough to go wander with him. He took me to the place where he had found food. "We must be careful here", he whispered, "we're not the only ones who know of this place." "What do you mean?" I softly asked, "are we in danger?" "Always here", he replied as he looked carefully about, "there are several large feral dogs running loose and they are very dangerous. We must always watch and never give them a chance. I'm afraid they've harmed other animals who have come for the food. Please just stay here and watch, I'll show you what you must do."

With that he scooted like a shadow to the place where the food was put. He stood listening and sniffing the air before he climbed into the can. I sat there in the shadow of the boxes and crates, extending my senses to their fullest. My heart was pounding with worry for Grey. "Hurry my Grey, oh please hurry", I whispered under my breath. "OH, I hear something, oh hurry Grey please." Then, just as he popped out of the can, there they were. DOGS!!! Huge shaggy evil looking monsters! And they SEE him. Grey leaped across the alley screaming at me "RUN, run fast my Angel. GO, GO!!!" The pack howled and came after us.

Faster and faster we ran! Grey right behind me urging me on. I ran as hard as I could, but I was still weak. My breath came in great sobs and my legs began to wobble. Then I fell, and I could not rise! Grey tried to push me on but I was totally spent. "Go my Grey! Run my love, save yourself please", I cried. "NO", he moaned, "I must save you whatever the cost." Then the dogs were there. Grey leaped and knocked over a box, hiding me from their sight. Then he spun to meet them. "GREY", I screamed, "Noooooo Grey!!!!"

Then the terrible snarls and screams drowned out all else. I tried to climb out of the box so I could die at the side of my Grey, but I could not. I fell back and lay there unable to move. Oh my Grey, my beautiul Grey.

Chapter  3

Then I heard a human's shout and howls and yelps from the dogs. Then all went silent. I lay there shivering. I prayed that I would die so I could be with my Grey. The human's voice was talking but I wasn't listening. But...a scratching at the box and...Grey's voice! How can this be? The box opened and...."GREY, oh my dear Grey, you're alive!" "This human saved us", Grey cried, "he beat the dogs away just in time." The man bent down and touched us both with his hands, talking softly. Then he lifted us both up in his arms. I mewed in fright but Grey calmed me. "He's going to help us, don't be afraid." Grey knew the human language much better than I so I relaxed.

The man placed us into a big red truck nearby. He laid me on a warm soft bed; ahhh so soft. I sniffed at my surroundings as Grey murmmered softly over me. I could smell love here, a gentle love, but sadness too. I was tired, so very tired, and as the warmth spread over me I drifted into sleep. I could feel the truck moving and the man talking softly to Grey. I slept.

After awhile Grey slipped back beside me and told me the man's sad story. "He's taking us home Angel, can you imagine?", said Grey with a touch of awe in his voice. "A home Angel, I've never even dreamed of a home! But see, we can also help them! We can be a family, think of that. Oh Angel, this will be so wonderful." I smiled at my Grey's happiness and fell asleep again with a warm feeling in my heart.

Finally, I felt the truck come to a halt and the man lifted me back up in his arms. As we stepped down my eyes fell on a sweetly smiling woman. My heart leaped in my breast, so great was the feeling of love that poured from her. Immediately I leaped from the man's arms and flew to her. She scooped me up and held me close. Oh my, the love just poured from her heart and I fairly vibrated with joy. My Grey was prancing around her feet like a silly kitten. Ah, what a wonderful day.

In the next few days we all settled into our new family. Momma Barb and Daddy Jake were very happy and I like to think we had a little bit to do with that. Our new home fairly shone with joy. Momma Barb is very smart, she knew the name that Grey gave me. He smiled at me when I told him and said that Angel was my natural name. He's so sweet. He travels with Daddy Jake in the red truck so naturally Daddy Jake calls him Traveller. But to me he will always be My Grey; my first and only true love.

I know that somewhere my mother is purring and very happy for me. 

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 4-20-2003


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