Hi folks, welcome to Wayne's House. These pages are created by Barbara Pond, my wife, and a sweet Louisiana Lady. You'll find a link to her own pages down below and I recommend you pay her a visit.

Here you'll find some of my drawings and a page devoted to my 2 best buds, Tic and Tac. Barb is working on a page or two of photos of magnificent New Brunswick scenery.

Come in,explore and be sure to come back often. My email addy is right there so don't be shy.


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Where Has She Gone
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Autumn Fires


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Prayer For The Little Ones
Our Sunshine
KittyFoot Rap
Undercover Kitty
Message From A Kitty Angel
Cat Food Boogie
Queen Of The Catarosa


My  Stories
Cat Short Stories
Kitty's Best Christmas Story
Puss' Christmas Story
Library Cat 1 (My New Home)
Library Cat 2 (The Mystery)
Angel's Story
Jake And The Traveller Story
Jake And The Traveller (part 2)
Jake And The Traveller (part 3)
Jake And The Traveller (part 4)
Adventures Of Little Truck
My Precious Toy (part 1)
My Precious Toy (part 2)
The First Purr


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