It had been almost a year now since Puss and his family had come to the North Pole to live with Santa.  Oh my, it had been a wonderful year.  But lately Puss had felt an odd sense of discontent, a kind of sense that something was missing.  He climbed to his favorite place at the top of the reindeer barn and sat to ponder.  All around him he could see the busy preparations for the big day; elves bustling around finishing up all the toys, reindeer practicing their takeoffs and landings, everybody busy with something.  Then the problem became crystal clear.

Just then his friend Rudolph came swooping past on a practice flight.  Rudolph stopped and floated in mid-air (Santa's reindeer can do that y'know).  "Why Puss, you look so sad, it's almost Christmas and you should be excited as the rest of us", said Rudolph, "whatever is wrong my friend?"  "Well", replied Puss, "I just realized that everyone here has a job to do except me.  I'm just a useless kitten here."  "Omy", said Rudolph, "this sounds like something you need to talk to Santa about.  Hop on my back and we'll go see him right now."  So off they went to Santa's office where they found him going through some last minute letters.

"Santa", said Rudoph, "Puss here has a problem that I think you should hear about."  "Well certainly", smiled Santa, "sit right here on my desk and tell me all about it.  I always have time for my friends."  So Puss told Santa all about his need.  "Please Santa", he finished, "isn't there a kitten-sized job I can do, just so I'll feel a part of things?"

Santa laid his finger alongside his nose and nodded thoughtfully.  "Hmmmm… this will take a bit of thought.  I'll need a cup of tea, so sit right here while I fetch one and we'll see what we can do."  He gave Puss a wink and a smile and went off to the kitchen.

Puss sat on the desk and waited.  As he sat his eyes dropped to an open letter.  "Dear Santa," it read, "all I want for Christmas is a kitten all my own, signed Amy."  Puss stared at the letter for a moment and then his eyes lit up with glee.  "Santa, Santa... come see.  I think I know what I can do."  He was dancing with excitement.  " There are lots of kittens out there who would love to have a home with children like Amy, could I perhaps find a way to bring them together, please, oh please???"

Santa smiled and said, "well that's a fine thought, why don't you and Rudolph work it out."  Puss and Rudolph spent the rest of the night planning and thinking and arrived back at the office bright and early the next morning.  "We think we got it Santa", said Puss, "with your permission, Rudolph and I can locate the kittens and if we can use a tiny bit of your magic we can lead the children and their parents to them."  Santa laughed so hard his beard wiggled.  "Perfect my friends, perfect", he chuckled, "and you can start immediately."  He equipped them with a BIG bag of Magic Santa Dust and with Puss securely nestled between Rudolph's antlers off they flew.  On each kitten and every family they found they sprinkled a pinch of Santa Dust and it drew them together like a magnet. 

So if you find a Christmas kitten this year, you can be sure that Puss and Rudolph have been around.  And Puss feels a VERY important part of Christmas now.

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 12-19-2002


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