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Hello there, I'm a house. I'm a little bit ratty to look at because I've been empty for quite a long while now. I bet you didn't know houses get lonely too, but we do.

I started out my life just before what you humans called WW2. I was all bright and shiny and looking forward to having my own family. A sweet young couple moved in and I was happy and hopeful. Then one day the man got dressed in a pretty uniform and went away. He never came back. After he left there were nights when the lady talked to me and cried a bit. Then one day some people came and she cried alot. She left shortly after that and I sat there alone, watching the other houses with their families. I didn't know what to think.

Over the following years I had many families stay in me for awhile, but none seemed to stay for long. The other houses were sympathetic at first, but they began rattling their shutters at me after awhile, saying there must be something wrong with the way I was built. With each family that left my shutters drooped and my rafters sagged a little more. Then for a long while there was nobody. Sometimes someone would stop and look and I would try real hard to straighten my eaves and look friendly, but they shook their head and walked away. Too old, they'd say...worthless. One man said I should be torn down as an eyesore. I was very afraid.

I had a family of cats for awhile there, but I was too cold and drafty and they moved on too. "I'm sorry", I called, "I didn't mean to have my windows all broken and the rain getting in, really I didn't". The mother cat told me she knew that but she had her babies to think of, they needed to be warm and dry. She hoped I'd find someone to love me soon. I cried that night...houses do cry when they're unloved and unwanted.

The family of mice that moved in hurt me with their burrowing, but they were all I had. I had hopes that they would gnaw off a wire and let me go out in a flame. Ah, but I forgot, my power was turned off long ago.  So, I spent my days in pain and sadness. The trees and vines tried their best to hide my shame and sorrow but nothing could hide the emptiness. It was so cold and lonely.

But just yesterday, only one day past, a young man came in with his wife and 2 dear little children. They walked all around me and actually came inside. He touched my walls and caressed my woodwork with gentle hands. "Can't find workmanship like this anymore", he said. She explored my kitchen spaces and my closets and rooms. The children gayly sang and talked about having a room of their own. I held my breath and tried very hard to think welcoming thoughts, they SMILED at me, they REALLY smiled at me. They're going to BUY me. Oh JOY, Oh BLISS!!! I'm going to have a FAMILY!!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!! 

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 01-26-03


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