A Prayer For
The Little Ones

Dearest Lord,
You've given us a wondrous gift,
Of little angels wrapped in fur.
So tiny; yet so much loving,
Expressed in a teeny little purr.

Brave hearts that weigh in ounces,
Yet tower tall o'er the mountains high.
Lord, these miracles in whiskers
Bring tears of joy into my eye.

The little ones are pretty sick now,
Maybe some you'll call back home.
I'll hold them close and gently whisper;
Little're not alone.

Bless them Lord and safely keep them.
If it suits your plan let them stay with me.
But if the Rainbow Bridge be their destination,
Then hear my prayer on bended knee.

Tell them of the joy they've given,
And this I ask you Lord Above;
Tell them Lord that I'll come calling,
Tell them Lord; They're forever LOVED. 

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 11-26-2002


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