Adventures Of Little Truck

Little Truck was Billy's favorite toy.  Because they lived in the center of a big city and it was too dangerous outside, they played together in the basement.  In make believe they went many, many places.  They crossed mighty rivers, they traveled long highways, they climb big mountains.  "Go Little Truck, go", called Billy.  "Room, Room, Toot, Toot", said Little Truck, "Lookout, here we come."  Nothing stopped Billy and Little Truck.

Then one day Billy told Little Truck that Daddy said they were moving to a new home. "Daddy says we'll have a big yard to play in.", said Billy, "We can play outside and see birds and flowers and grass and even a tree".  Little Truck wasn't sure what those were, he had never been outside.  But as long as Billy was happy, it was OK with Little Truck.

When moving day came Little Truck and all the other toys gathered in the basement and waited for someone to take them to the new home.  They waited and waited, then waited some more.  Nobody came.  When darkness came Little Truck turned on his headlights and looked around.  The house was very quiet and still.  After awhile Little Truck fell asleep. When morning came again some of the other toys got scared.  "They've thrown us away", they cried.  "No", said Teddy Bear, "I slept with Billy.  I know we were supposed to go with him. Somebody made a mistake."  "What shall we do?" cried the other toys.  "Well", said Little Truck," we will have to make our own way to the new home".

So they loaded the big Toy Box onto Red Wagon.  Little Truck backed up and took hold of Red Wagon's handle.  "I know the name of the place where the new home is", said Teddy Bear.  So he sat up on top of Little Truck as a lookout.  When they made their way outside they began to doubt.  Cars were zipping by.  "Get out of our way", they shouted, "we have places to go.  We are busy, busy, busy.  Zoom Zoom!!  Get out of our way."  Little Truck was scared but he gathered up all his courage and said, "Toot Toot, we're going places too."  So off they went.

Up one street and down another they went, all day long.  They had to dodge out of the way of the bigger cars and busses who brushed by them.  They were far too busy with big car business to be bothered with Little Truck and the wagon full of toys.  Little Truck did his best to stay out of their way.  But deep down inside he was scared they would run right over them.  All day long Little Truck worked very hard.  But as the day wore down so did Little Truck.  His merry Toot was just about Tooted out.  Teddy Bear's fur was dusty and his ears were sagging.  "We'll have to stop", he said, "I'm afraid we're lost."  "I think so too", said Little Truck, "I'll look for a safe place.

A little farther on Little Truck saw a place that was all lit up with bright lights.  But as they got closer, Little Truck's heart sank.  The place was full of Big Trucks, Real tucks.  "Oh my", whispered Little Truck to Teddy Bear, "I'm scared.  Will Real Trucks even let a Little Truck like me even stop there?"  "We have to try", Teddy Bear told him, all the toys are tired and have to rest."  So Little Truck gathered up his courage again and crept quietly in.

He slipped quietly into a small spot between two of the Big Trucks.  He shivered as he looked up at them; they were MUCH bigger than he was.  "Rum Rum Rum", they sang as they sat there, "We're Big Trucks, we're Mighty Trucks.  We carry everything everywhere.  Nothing stops a Big Truck.  Make way for us, we're moving the world."  Little Truck tried to make himself even smaller so they wouldn't notice him there.  But in his nervousness, he accidentally made a little Toot.  The Big Trucks stopped singing.  "Oh dear", thought Little Truck.

Both Big Trucks looked down at Little Truck for a long time.  "Who are you?" thundered one, "What are you doing here in a Big Truck place?"  Teddy Bear gave a frightened squeak and hid in the toy box. Little Truck took a big deep breath.  "My name is Little Truck and I'm hauling freight too."  "Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk!!!" laughed the Big Trucks, "What kind of freight would a Little Truck haul?"  Little Truck drew his bumper up straight and told the Big Trucks all about Billy and the move and everything.  He told them all about how hard he had worked all day long.  "We just need to rest a little while and then we'll go.  We must find Billy", he said, "can't we stay for just a little while?"

"Hum, Hum, Hum", said the Big Trucks, "and where exactly do you need to go?"  Little Truck got Teddy Bear to come out and repeat the name of the place where the new home was.  "Rump, Rump", said one Big Truck, "I'm passing very near to that place.  You just climb up on my trailer Little Truck.  We Big Trucks will get you safely there and you can rest as we go."  So Little Truck, Red Wagon, Teddy Bear and all the other toys in the toy box climbed wearily up on Big Truck's trailer and settled down.

Big Truck carried them all through that night.  As he sped along he talked to all the other Big Trucks they met along the road.  He told them all about Little Truck and the story spread far and wide.  Big Trucks honked in greeting and some joined in to make a convoy.  Little Truck was very excited but finally fell asleep.  On through the night the convoy of Big Trucks went and with them went the story of Little Truck's courage.

At daylight Little Truck felt Big Truck stop with a whoosh of his air brakes.  Little Truck looked sleepily around.  "Wake up Little Truck, we're here.  This is your new home", Big Truck rumbled.  Little Truck looked all around.  "Oh my", he said.  As far as he could see there were Big Trucks, all rumbling happily away.  "Look there", said Big Truck, "I see somebody you know."  Little Truck looked.  There was a beautiful house with a big green yard and a big tree.  From the house ran a small figure.  "It's Billy", cried Teddy Bear, "we found him.  Little Truck climbed carefully down from Big Truck's trailer.  "Little Truck, Teddy, all my toys", cried Billy, "I thought I'd lost you forever".  He hugged Teddy tightly and gently wiped the dust from Little Truck's headlights.  "Now we're together again and we'll never lose each other again."  Little Truck looked happily at Billy and then back at Big Truck.  "Thank You", he beeped, "you have brought us together again." and he started to follow Billy up the driveway.

"Wait", honked Big Truck, "we Big Trucks have talked all through the night and we've decided to do something about you Little Truck."  "Oh my", said Little Truck as he turned back, "I hope you are not all angry with me?"  "Not a bit", hooted Big Truck, "we are all proud of what you have done Little Truck.  You pulled a full load and you delivered it safely.  We would like to name you a Full Big Truck.  Whenever you want to go travelling again just call on us.  You're one of us now."  Little Truck didn't know what to say, so he just smiled and smiled as the Big Trucks rumbled past on their way to their destinations.  As each passed they honked for their new member.  Little Truck's windshield misted over as they rolled out of sight and he had to turn on his wipers as he made his way back to Billy's side.

So Little Truck lived happily with Billy, Teddy and all his toy friends.  They played make believe all over the big yard and hauled many make believe things.  But now Billy called out "Go Big Truck", and instead of Toot he replied "Honk, Honk."  And some nights when another Big Truck came by they sat and rumbled together as Billy slept.  Every one of them knows the story of the day Little Truck became Big Truck.

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © August 11, 2003

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