The summer sun peeks over the horizon smiling
It's light caresses the bayou green
Egrets soaring on white fluff plumage
A lazy gator opens his cold eye
At a shrimp boat sailing for the Gulf
Louisiana's waking

The questing golden beams awaken
The sleepy cypress nodding in the swamps
Knees poking through blue water full of hyacinth
A pirogue goes poling silently past
Dips it's bow and slides quiet on
Full of Cajun smiles

Morning stirs red cardinals from cozy perches
In ancient Live Oaks which stand guard
Over white columned mansions of the past
Like bearded old men with muskets
History lives in Louisiana
In quiet dignity

Spanish moss forms lacy curtains
On the stage of the growing day
Louisiana stirs and stretches welcoming arms
Open to all that chance may bring
With shining eyes
And Southern hospitality

As the day rolls on She celebrates
Her peoples' lives in joy and festivals
Mardi Gras, Boucherie and et les petit fetes
Jambalaya for your hunger, culture for your soul
Winding country roads roofed with branches
Lead your heart to ease

This is Louisiana, old and new blend uniquely
Bonfires on the levee, historic homes wrought iron wrapped
Paddle wheelers cruising full of fun and laughter
Join hands with a future looking upwards
Where the stars themselves beckon
And the universe begs for a touch of fiddle

Bring your dancin' shoes sha!!!

Copyright © by: Wayne Pond

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