Kiki's Song

She's the queen of the Catarosa,
With a hiss she rules her queendom.
Tic and Tac they both step back,
When the word comes from the throne.

With a paw both soft and mighty,
She lays the royal law down.
And her subjects bow their heads and purr,
'Cause the Lady Kiki is home.

She melts my heart with kisses,
That touch as light as light does.
She chatters softly in my ear, 
Sweet secrets for us alone.

Then with a smile both sweet and Regal,
She winks a twinkling eye at me.
And rests her head that wears the crown,
O'er my heart that's hers alone.

Long rule the Mighty Kiki, 
In all her Royal splendor. 
I'll bend my knee in worship gladly, 
Before Her Highness Kiki's throne.

By:  Wayne Pond
Copyright © 11-09-2002


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