My Precious


Part 2

For many years Precious the Toy Kitty traveled with her owner. She sat upon the dash of the big truck he drove, she sat upon his bunk while he slept and when they were home she sat upon a special red pillow that he bought for her. Always she watched over him and listened when he told her his thoughts. Her eyes shone especially bright when he would hold her in his hand and stroke her soft fur. When he sometimes held her next to his heart and talked softly to her, the soul, which was, buried deep within her artificial body would ache with love for this quiet man who treated her as more than just a pretty ornament.

Yet every day she dreamed a special dream that someday her rigid toy body would be transformed by the love in her heart, that she would be able to return his touch. Oh, if only she could curl next to him and purr and mew like a real kitten. If only she could touch his kind face with a gentle paw and give him a little kitty kiss to show how much she loved him. Every night she prayed that one-day this would be so.

But this never happened, she remained trapped within the stiff form that she was created in. Even though she came to realize that her friend somehow knew of her dream and the love that was forever trapped inside her, a part of her was always sad.

As the years rolled by she became aware that her friend was changing. His hair began to become more and more silver and his hands began to tremble where they were once strong. His beloved heartbeat, once so steady, began to become weaker and unsure. Even though the gentleness of his touch on her fur when he stroked her and the love in his voice when he held her close were unchanging, Precious became worried for her dear friend. Unsheddable tears dimmed her bright eyes as she listened to his ever more raspy breathing as he slept. "Oh Lord", she prayed, "what is happening to my only friend?" No answer came and fear found a dwelling place in her heart.

Then came one still morning when she awoke in her place on the bedside table with a feeling that something was terribly wrong. For the first time ever her friend did not reach out to touch her good morning. He didn't stir at all and she could hear no sound of his breathing. In terror she somehow used all the force of her soul to twist her stiff form onto the pillow beside her friends still face. As she lay there against his cheek she could feel no warmth there and she realized his heart no longer beat. A cry of anguish and longing and loneliness began deep within her tiny body until it forced it's way to reality. Somehow, somehow her little body moved until it curled it's way into the hollow of his neck and her little paws, once stiff and unmoving, reached out and came to rest on his cheek. A single real tear slid from her glass eyes and dropped upon his beloved face.

Then suddenly the room was filled with a golden light. It surrounded everything and she felt herself floating with it. Soft music drifted through the light and she was not afraid. Her body and her soul were all tingly. When the light faded at last she looked around and discovered that she stood in a field of beautiful green grass. Gorgeous colored flowers danced in the green carpet and wonderful smells wafted through the air. Precious breathed deep and then caught herself.  She had breathed; she smelled the things she'd always wondered at; how? A brilliant butterfly floated past her head and she turned her eyes and reached out an inquiring paw before she realized. She had MOVED!!! Wonderingly she took a couple of steps, swished her fluffy tail and cried out in a REAL voice, "What has happened?"

 A musical laugh rang in her ear. She looked up to behold a tall shining figure beside her. "Don't be afraid, this is Heaven where all things are possible. We've watched you all of your life. We saw you learn to love and be loved in turn. We heard your prayers and we have brought you here. You are now a real Kitty Angel and this is your reward for your undying love." Precious sat down in amazement. She was finally real, she could do all the things her heart had so long desired and more. But then the thought struck her. "My friend, my dearest friend, where is he?" she asked softly.  It was to be a real kitty for him that I prayed." "I'm right here", came a familiar voice. Precious whirled and there he was kneeling on the grass before her smiling, looking just as she first saw him, young and strong again. "Come", he said and reached his hands out to her. Precious leaped into his arms with a glad cry and covered his face with kitty kisses and mews and purrs. Laughing, he swept her up in his arms and held her close to his breast. There once again was the beat of his loving heart, but now it was matched by the beat of her own.

So forever they remain, roaming the green hills and fields of Heaven. They explore the endless wonders and frisk and play with all the other angels. When rest time comes they stretch out under a tree and sleep. Precious curls up on her dear friend's chest and presses her tiny pink nose into the base of his throat. No kitty's purrs have ever been happier.


Copyright © by: Wayne Pond


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