My little friend you've left me, 
and with you went my heart. 
A piece of my soul is missing, 
the piece that was your part. 

My sorrow seems unending. 
I feel the touch of your paw. 
The tickle of your whiskers, 
the rumble of your purr. 

I listen for your footfall. 
I see your shadow still. 
Peeking from the corner. 
Curled up on the sill. 

My heart is crying teardrops. 
My eyes are crying too. 
My dearest little kitty, 
O God, how I miss you. 

I'll miss you puss forever. 
But I'll try to carry on. 
Remembering love you taught me. 
Until my time has come. 

Then someday I'll come join you, 
'neath God's most loving hand. 
We'll cross the Bridge together, 
And live in Heaven's land. 

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 10-12-2002


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