Where's my Mother gone?
When did she leave?
There's a strange old woman in her place,
That I don't recognize.

There's no love here anymore.
Just recriminations,
And bitterness,
And anger.

You owe me she says.
Who are you? is my thought.
I hate you she replies,
I curse the day you were born.

I feel no sadness for this person,
Only pity,
As I would a stranger.
I don't like this evil soul that wears my mother's eyes.

I cannot bear her longer,
Yet I hesitate to leave her alone,
To face death.
What shall I do?

I must ultimately save myself,
From her insanity and despair.
And yet,
I wonder.

Is my Mom in there somewhere?
Reaching out for love,
Trying to say I'm here,
Don't leave me.

Where's my mother gone?

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 10-02-2002


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