In  Memory  Of  Some 
Well  Loved  Pets

These are some special friends of mine who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Connie is the first cat in my life I have a clear memory of. I grew up with her and she considered me her kitten. She went through most of the good and bad times with me and always had a purr for me. When I had both knees broken she would sit at my head on the nights of pain and lick my hair till she put me to sleep. She passed away at the age of 23. I know God has a special place in Heaven for her.

Dixie came into my life next. He was a private soul who expected the world to turn on his terms. Another good one for sure.

King was the gentlest Greman Shepherd I ever knew. He defended his home, but would gently cradle a lost baby squirrel in his paws.

Tiger appeared under the back porch one night and spent that night sleeping in the palm of my hand. He had King's number right from the start.

I hope that someday I'll be seeing them all again.

Mom and Connie to the left.
Connie in the rain above.

Tiger or aka TiTi



Not a cat but King was 
well loved too!


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