Kitty Dreams

by: Wayne Pond

In the arms of the Sandman,
Off to sleep.
Went sweet little Tic,
And his little white feet.

Off to the Dreamlands,
Wee Tic he just flew.
With his Magic Blanket,
And his Dream Pillow too.

Over the moon,
Swing round the sun.
Happy is Dreamland,
Where everythingís fun.

Grasses and flowers,
And butterflies too.
Lots of nice kittytreats,
For kitties to chew.

Squirrels in the treetops,
And sun on his fur.
Birds all a-twitter,
Sweet Ticker, he purrs.

Fresh, clear running water,
To cool his wee throat.
Soft, gentle breezes,
To ruffle his coat.

Mice in the grasses,
Tic smiles a cat smile.
Oh, he will not hurt them,
Just watch them awhile.

Soon it is morning,
The sun  comes along.
And heíll fly back home now,
And sing me a song.

Of  Dreamland and rainbows,
A place in the sun.
And Iíll go back with him,
When my time is done.

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 05-06-2002

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