For Every Shadow

For every shadow there's a light,
For every dark there is a bright.
In darkest space a billion suns,
And a billion more when those are done.

After blackest storms the sun still shines,
And all this speaks into my mind.
That Death is but a dark night's slumber,
And then the dawn will raise like thunder.

Into His light I'll surely walk,
And of life's mysterys we will talk.
My Angel and I, I'm sure of this,
Will spend eternity in Love's kiss.

And our happiness will be a light,
To guide other wanderers thru the night.
That light that's promised by the Lord above,
Is pure and sweet, it's just called LOVE.



Story By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 06-07-2002

Photo By: Barbara Frederick
Copyright © 03-11-2002

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