Let me introduce Tic and Tac, my buds. They're twin Tuxedo Tabbys and are currently 8 years old. You'd never believe that I could hold each in the palm of my hands when they first arrived.

You'll notice that each wears a collar and leash when they go outside. That's mainly so when going "walkies" I can find the little rascals when they hide in the bushes on me. These two, AKA the Fuzz Brothers, own a big piece of my heart.

C'mon in and curl up with us awhile. 

Tic and Tac Together

Think we should go 
outside for awhile Tac?


Oh my, that was a bad idea Tic!
Let us back inside NOW.


Oh that's much better.
But please turn the light off!


The "Boys" doing what 
they do best....sleep!

Tic's Photos

I walked all the way to the 
mailbox and it was empty!

Boy sure would love to go 
over there to see what that is!


Just chillin' out and watching the tube.


My, my...... look at that belly!!!

Tac's Photos

Yes I am cute!  And I
look sooo good on red.

Don't look now Tac but 
someone is fixing to get you!


I know it's down here somewhere.....


I got it....I got it!!!  Yeah!!


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