Moving On

I sit here looking around
At the place I lived these many years.
Not home really; someone else's.
But had some laughter, shed some tears.

I see the trees that shaded me,
They look different somehow.
Not quite as cheery, not so friendly.
Do you suppose they know?

The birds and squirrels have moved off elsewhere.
No eager chatter finds my ears.
Guess they have said goodby too.
The old place seems so dreary.

Guess I'll look on to the future.
Going to my lover's arms.
She'll be my home, my heaven
Her loving smile will be my charm.

So goodbye old place and thank you.
For the haven from life's storms.
I hope your new family hears your lessons
As you cradle and keep them warm.

I leave you with a smile, not sorrow.
For the gifts you've given me.
And now you've taught me life's great lesson,
When they've learned to love.. you set them free.

Goodbye old house.

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright © 10-12-2002


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