My Precious


Part 1

She awoke with a sudden start.  A storm of whirling images swirled through her mind like a raging blizzard, almost overwhelming her completely.  Where was she... WHAT was she???  Shuddering, she closed her eyes and breathed a prayer.  "Please, Dear God, help me.  I'm lost and afraid.  I don't know what to do."  She shuddered again and a tear slid from her eye, her wee heart beat a terrified rhythm in her tiny chest... pitty pat, pitty pat, pitty pat.  Slowly, the whirling images settled in her mind's eye and her panic became less little by little. 

As she huddled there alone a sound fell upon her ears. Psssst... Psssst... Psssst!!! Carefully, she opened one eye; ready to slam it shut should the assault on her senses begin again. But everything had settled into place finally, so she risked opening the other eye as well.

Psssst... came the sound again and she turned her gaze toward where it seemed to come from. There before her sat an amazing creature; amazing but beautiful.  As she drank in the image before her it spoke.  "Are you alright, are you aware yet?"  Without conscious thought she replied in a trembling voice of her own.  "What... what is this, who are you… who am I???"

"Gently, gently now", came the answer, "don't try too hard at first.  I'll explain as best I can.  But it's alot at first so we'll go slowly."  The creature moved closer beside her and gently touched her.  With the touch her sense of panic subsided and her heart began to beat with less urgency. 

"You are like me, almost exactly.  This whole place, which is called a factory, is full of beings like us.  Some are bigger, some are smaller, some have different shapes", said the voice.  "But, what are we?  Why are we here?" she asked.  "We're called Toys", came the answer, "we are created here.  We're created as images of real beings but we know... we feel and are aware of the world around us. You and I are images of creatures known as cats."

She sat quietly for a few moments, thinking over the information and looking about.  She gazed at her new friend, noting the soft fur which covered his body and the bright yellow eyes.  She was pleased with the thought that she was just as beautiful.  But there were still questions in her mind.

"Why were we created then?  What is our purpose?  Do... do I have a name?"  "We are made to bring happiness and love to beings like our creators.  We are sent from here to all manner of places where we will be found by those who need us.  We have no names yet; those will be given by our new friends.  Now just relax and await your turn." 

Later that day someone came along and gathered her and her new friend up.  They were carried to another room where they were gently wrapped in soft paper and placed one by one into a large box.  As the box was closed she heard her friend cry out "Here we go, we're on our way home.  Don't be afraid."  She lay quietly for what seemed a VERY long time, listening to the outside world and wondering in the dark.

Finally, the box was opened and she was taken out and carefully unwrapped.  Then she was placed on a shelf with others of her like.  As she looked around, she saw her friend smiling at her.  "This is it, the last step in our journey to our home.  It's here we'll be united with the people who will love us.  It's here we'll get our name."  "How will we know who they are?" she asked.  "Oh we'll know, believe me," came the reply.

Over the next couple of days she watched as people came and went.  Several times she and her friend were picked up and looked at but put back down again.  She began to think there was something wrong with her, that her makers had done something wrong.  "Have faith", her friend whispered, "our time is coming, I can feel it."  Sure enough, that very evening, a sad- looking little girl came quietly into the store.  The little girl's eyes lit up and she snatched up the other toy, holding it tightly to her breast. The smiling mother led her little girl away to pay for her new best friend. His voice came floating back, "I've found my home, my name will be Buddy.  Don't worry, you'll find your home soon."

She settled back a bit wistfully and thought to herself "I hope it's soon."  Then, suddenly, a tingle went all through her.. her tiny heart skipped a beat.  A tall man with a very tired look about him was walking towards her. The tingle got stronger and she KNEW.... THIS was the one she was meant for.  Her heart beat faster.  Ohhhh… he was walking past.  Desperately she wished VERY hard... "Oh please, don't walk by.  See me... oh see me. Please pick me up and take me home... PLEASE!!!!"  The tall man stopped in mid-step and turned his head.  He reached out and took her gently into his hand.  "Oh my", he said, "aren't you beautiful."  He stroked her soft fur and her heart swelled.  Yes, this was the one for her.  "Such a pretty one.. you're coming home with me. You are Precious."  Her whole being shook with joy.  "I have a name... Precious... I'm loved, I'm wanted.  I am soooo happy."

Thus it was that Precious became MORE than just a toy.  She was petted and held and he told her of the many wonderful things that were to come soon in both their lives. They were together every hour and Precious was supremely happy... and so they remain to this very day.


Copyright 10-05-03
By Wayne Pond


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