KittyFoot Rap  
KittyFoot Rap

Now big Daddy...chill!!!!!
While your ears do get they fill.
Of the latest kinda noise,
From KittyFoot and his boys!!

Tic & Tac they chase de mouse,
All aroun' da KittyFoot's house.
Up de stair an den back down,
Mousie's feet make da Rappin' sound!!

Cats de natchrel rappin' crew,
Watch em walkin like dey do.
They jus nat-u-relly cool,
Jus like dis ol rappin' fool!!

When you say NO Stinkin' RAP..
You dissin all dose Cats.
So maybe in Yo House,
You gonna find a little Mouse,
and mouse, and mouse, and mouse!!!!

Peace!!!!! MEEEEEOWWWW!!!!

By: Wayne Pond
Copyright ©  02-17-2002


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