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Traveller 2

Day At The Border

Chapter 1: Traveller And The Customs Folks

Jake backed the old KW under the trailer sitting at the dock with a thump.  Traveller looked over from his seat that Jake had rigged by the window.  Meow? he asked. 

'Well now", said Jake, "according to the waybills we're headed down stateside with this one.  Hmmm, she's all pre-cleared so we shouldn't have a problem." 

Jake finished the hook-up and pre-trip and pulled the rig out onto the road.  The big rig accelerated smoothly up thru the gears and the tires hummed a tune.  Traveller looked brightly around, watching the traffic whizzing by.  His paws kneaded contentedly and he purred softly along with the country song on the radio. 

"This is the life for a cat like me", he thought, "the open road and a comfortable bed.  Good food and a Best Friend to share it with.  Best of all is we have our ladyloves to come home to at the end of the run.  Yep, cat heaven, if you ask me."

Soon the border rolled into sight and Jake slid smoothly into the line-up.  He was whistling a tune as he pulled up to the booth window and passed his papers over to the lady there.  Traveller sat up and gave her his most pleasant kitty grin.  Jake faltered a bit when he noticed that it wasn't Marge, the usual lady, but rather a young woman who didn't look at all happy. 

His fears were justified when she barely glanced at the paperwork and tossed it back to him.  "Pull up over to the right at the warehouse", she snapped.  "What's wrong..." began Jake.  "Just do what you're told.", was the curt reply. 

Jake and Traveller shared a look and Jake slid the KW over to the dock and backed in.  A surly-looking large customs officer strolled over.  "Lets see your manifest", he growled.  Jake handed him the papers.  "I don't understand..." he began.  Fats cut him off, "Just go stand over there until I tell you different."  Jake sighed and reached for the cab door.  Fats stepped directly in his path and snarled, "I TOLD you to go stand over there, now MOVE!!" 

"I just gotta get my"...Jake began.  "You get NOTHIN' except a night in jail if you don't move when you're told", Fats spat.  Wearily Jake moved back and stood worriedly watching Traveller through the windshield. 

Fats gave a whistle and another sour looking agent stormed over.  He was wearing dark glasses and swaggered like a cowboy movie bad-guy.  Cowboy was dragging a non-descript looking DOG on a leash.  Fats opened the cab door.  "Wait a minute", cried Jake as he stepped forward, "I have a..."

Both the officers spun around with their hands on their guns like a cheap Western movie.  "Git back", roared Fats.  "We're gonna put this drug dog in here and see what you're hiding."  "But my cat..." began Jake.  "GIT", spat Fats and he half-drew his side-arm.  The Cowboy smirked and boosted the dog in the cab. 

Chapter 2:  Traveller Speaks

"What the heck is going on? Why is that fat slob yelling at Jake?  Who's THIS moron opening the cab?  What...a DOG??????

Traveller pulled himself back on his perch,  a concentrated ball of mad feline.  The dog started sniffing thru the cab into the bunk area.

"What is that mutt doing in MY truck, what the is he looking for?  That's MY litter box you stupid hound!!!  GET OUT OF THERE, I JUST BURIED THAT!!!! 

Traveller's ears went flat, his eyes shot yellow flame and he gave a screaming hiss that would have done a mountain lion credit.  Grizzly bears would have gone running.

The dog never even looked up, he just shot out that door like a furry bolt of lightning.  He clawed his way across the Cowboys head and shoulders sending black glasses, skin and hair flying.  He next landed on the chest of Fats who had jerked his Beretta out of the holster at Traveller's scream.  As they went down in a tangle of arms and flying paws the Beretta began coughing. A stream of bullets smashed the big picture window out of the office and everyone hit the dirt. 

The head agent tore into the parking lot followed by a stream of officers with drawn guns.  "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??" he bellowed.

Jake stood up and dusted himself off.  "I guess your dog didn't like my cat", he said while trying to suppress laughter.  The head Fed looked over at his two agents.  Cowboy was a mass of scratches and bleeding pretty good.  Fats' uniform hung in tatters and he suddenly dropped the gun he was holding as if it was red-hot.  Traveller was standing in the open cab door with a tail as big as a bush and an evil look that said plainly he would brook no more insults.  The dog was nowhere in sight.

Head Fed walked over, picked up the fallen customs papers and handed them to Jake.  "You best take your co-pilot and get this load rolling", he smiled.  "I'll tend to THESE two", and the smile vanished.

Jake swung into the driver's seat and put the KW in the wind.  No fool here, he didn't want to be around for the rest.  No doubt at all he'd be hearing the final chapter over the CB.  This would be a classic spread from ocean to ocean, be sure of that.

A few miles down the road he pulled into a rest area and let the laughter come.  As he dried the tears he reached over and scratched Traveller's ears.  "Well my man, you sure took care of those bozos.  But I think we'll travel a different border crossing for awhile."  Jake was still smiling and chuckling as the miles rolled by.

Traveller was HISSED clear into Georgia.

THE END we down, we gone, bye-bye. 

Story and Art Copyrighted © By Wayne Pond


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