Trucks have always been a big part of my life.  As you can see they've taken me everywhere; including some places I probably shouldn't have gone.  LOL, LOL!!  When off-roading we looked for the deepest, blackest swampholes around, just to see who could get stuck worse.  My friend here, Bill Crowe, usually won that category.

The odd-looking rig, dubbed "The Grasshopper" was built in 2 weeks by myself alone.  It was built for cross-country racing and has an 18 inch engine setback for better weight distribution off the jumps.  Everybody told me I was nuts, that it couldn't possibly work.  I am and it did.  LOL!!!

The WeTrux vehicles are from when I decided to start my own company.  I started off with the one-ton car carrier doing any kind of crazy load I could get (the barn's bigger than the truck).  After awhile I built the KW seen here so I could do bigger insane things.

Unfortunately, I got stupid and bought the big green thing and lost everything.  Now I'm reduced to driving other peoples trucks.  Wonder what's next?  LOL, LOL!!!

(All the photos below are thumbnails except the Grasshopper &  Western Star)




Working for Sunbury.

We Trux businsess truck.

Hauling the barn.


The Western Star that I bought.




Autumn trail fun.

On the way to Martin Head.

Yep that's me!

Spring mud and snow.


Me again, lol.

The Grasshopper I built.

My friend Bill Crowe.


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